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Graveyard Lakes

High Sierra Pack Station

Here are just of few of our most popular destinations and reasons to go there. Click map to view Tom Harrison map of Mono D ivide or view the Sierra Gateway Map.
Note: Press your Crtl and + or Ctrl and - keys to zoom in or out on map.

All traveling to wilderness areas will need a Wilderness Permit. View the Sierra National Forest's Permit Page for permit applications.

Graveyard Lakes is known for it’s stunning alpine scenery, glass-like lakes, and good rainbow and brook trout fishing. We’ll drop you off at the first lake there are several more you can hike to at your leisure. Don’t miss the red glow of sunset; plus, it’s only about a four hour ride to get there.

Margarite Lake Basin area is a gorgeous basin with a variety of lakes to fish--all are relatively close. This is a six hour ride.

Bear Creek is a Golden Trout fisherman’s delight with a beautiful setting as well. There are several stops along Bear Creek we can recommend. The ride varies depending on location, but can take between 6 to 8 hours.

Evolution Valley, in Kings Canyon National Park, features good stream fishing, and gorgeous scenery including lush meadows, waterfalls, and panoramic views. This is a 7 to 8 hour ride.

Grassy Lake is one of several in it’s vicinity. It is a lush, green area and features good brook and rainbow trout fishing. This is a 6 hour ride.

For Golden Trout Fishing ...ask us about these locations
Bear Creek and Bear Creek Drainage
Lake Italy
Bear Lake
San Piper
Three Island
Rose Lake
Sallie Keys
For Panoramic Views, ask us about these areas:
Goodale Pass
Feather Lake
Bear Ridge
Silver Pass

We’ve listed the times it takes to ride to these locations, but you can determine the miles by assuming a horse travels approximately 2.3 to 3 MPH